Outreach Ministries


We strongly believe in the Great Commission, and obligation we have to share the good news of the Gospel with a lost and dying world. Because of our commitment to spread the Gospel, several times a week teams visit door-to-door in local communities presenting the gospel message, inviting residents to visit with us, and identifying those who have spiritual needs. We have seen God’s blessing upon our church because of our dedication to His command, and nearly every week we are blessed to see souls come to know Him because of this ministry. We believe in discipling those who have accepted Christ, and are encouraged when new believers follow up with baptism to express their profession of faith.

Soul Winning Times

Ladies – Mondays @ 9:15am

Men – Thursdays @ 6:15pm

Combined – Saturdays @ 11:15am


Every Christian should seek to win souls. Our Tract Ministry, Delight Thyself Design Ministries, seeks to encourage everyone to sow the seed of the Gospel through tract distribution. Participants are encouraged to distribute gospel tracts to those they encounter each week. Our tracts are prayerfully custom designed in house and are provided in the church office for those who are willing to pass them out throughout the community. For more information, call the church office at 304.757.9306.



And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  John 8:32 

Frontline Recovery Ministries desires to help you obtain the victory over your circumstance. The Ultimate Solution to any need can be found in Jesus Christ. Freedom from addiction is possible. Weekly meetings for Frontline are on Saturdays at 7pm. Each week provides a challenge for obtaining the victory over any addiction. Food will be provided, and transportation is available if needed. Please call 304.757.9306 for more information. Frontline Recovery Ministries is a ministry of Teays Valley Baptist Church.



Many times throughout the month, workers carry the Gospel message to the residents and staff of nursing homes and assisted living centers. In-house worship services and Bible studies are conducted for residents who cannot attend church. Workers volunteer their time making visits, reading, singing, and conducting Bible studies with those in the facilities.



With a large truck stop just off the Teays Valley exit, we are able to conduct church services very early on Sunday mornings for those truck drivers journeying through our area. We have seen many come to know the Lord as a result of this ministry. Preachers within our congregation make a special effort each week to visit the drivers, and preach the Gospel to those in attendance.



Each month we visit The Crossroads Homeless Shelter, in Charleston, WV, which provides service to the homeless and hurting every hour of the day, year-round. It provides between 150 and 200 meals per day. The men who come to Crossroads do so knowing their physical needs will be met; we seek to meet the spiritual needs of these men. We preach the Word of God to these men, and help disciple those who have already accepted Christ as their Saviour.



What started as a small project for one of our missionaries, has through the Lord’s Hand blossomed into an international ministry. The Precious Jewels Sewing Group meets on Monday evenings when ladies come together to use their talents for the furtherance of the Gospel. Over a thousand dresses and shorts have been sewn and sent to missionaries on foreign fields to use as a tool to present the Gospel to those in need. Little girls and boys in Africa and Grenada are wearing these items sewn by our ladies here at Teays Valley Baptist.

Blankets and quilts are also made for shut-ins, retirement home, and nursing home residents. The items are given to our outreach teams, and are used as a tool for an opportunity to present the Gospel. If you are a seamstress or would like to donate items, please contact the church office for more information at 304.757.9306