Church History


Pastor John D. Smith | 1978-Present

Under the leadership of Dr. John D. Smith, the church has grown from 89 people to a record attendance of 1,400. We average 900-1000 people on Sunday mornings. Throughout Pastor Smith’s ministry the church has undergone many improvements.

Due to rapid growth in attendance, an overflow area for the sanctuary and an activity building were added in the early 1980s. Soon, it was evident that a new sanctuary was needed. Ground was broken in 1986, and the building was dedicated on March 29, 1987. This was also the first year of the annual West Virginia Jubilee, which has proved to be a great blessing to the region.

With the church still growing in the early 1990s, a building project for a new activity building was undertaken near the back of the property. However, the new sanctuary was soon over crowded as God was blessing the efforts of our ministry, and the new construction project was converted into a newer sanctuary project. We began worshipping in the newest building in the spring of 1994, and the Lord has been blessing ever since.

In 1999, a door was opened to allow the purchase of the property adjacent to our facility to allow for more parking and the possibility of future construction projects. No official building plans have been made at this time, but we have faith that God will provide the means necessary should He desire the building to be built.

We have expanded our ministry focus from building buildings to building people. Our ministry strives to exalt Christ alone and point everyone to the cross of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He alone is the Solution to every problem, the Provider for every need, and the only Hope for this lost and dying world. We desire to be a blessing to every family that enters our doors and reach out to the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a mission-minded church.  We currently support over 130 missionaries worldwide. We send several teams out of our church to the mission field every year with the single objective to reach lost souls and point them to Jesus.